It goes without saying that information and communication technologies are becoming increasingly important also in the exhibition industry. On the one hand, new services and service offers require extended or new IT systems. On the other hand, the permanent optimization of business process automation is expected to render valuable resource potential available for value-added tasks.

For many exhibition companies, the increasing penetration of IT technology offers not only interesting opportunities, it also involves risks and uncertainties.

  • How can the complexity of the enterprise-IT landscape be reduced?

  • How much investment is actually useful? What prices do other companies pay for their IT?

  • Isn’t there need for a different understanding of the role of IT and for extended or new competencies within the IT department and its suppliers?

  • What will the organization and technology landscape look like in the years to come? Is it possible to develop a comprehensive and understandable roadmap for this purpose?

Some of our Senior Consultants have themselves worked as CIOs in the exhibition industry. In recent years, they have advised numerous CEOs in the exhibition industry on these issues. We have successfully executed projects in the following areas:

  • Analysis of existing IT (people & technology) with regard to their capability to support the business processes, costs, risks and value contribution

  • Development of an IT master plan (IT strategy) closely coordinated with the top management

  • Concept and implementation of an effective IT controlling

  • Introduction of a structured demand management (adventics has a library with thousands of requirements for multiple core systems)

  • International tender projects up to supplier selection and subsequent project management

  • CRM projects (comparative selection, responsible implementation support)