Business Development

Exhibition companies and organizers face the challenge of permanently adapting their product portfolio to meet the demands of the future – even more so in light of the digitization, shifting markets, stagnating demand in many areas and the growing competition from compact specialized events.

Key questions arising as a result are:

  • How can existing trade fairs be further optimized and how can dynamic market developments be managed in a balanced way?
  • What fields of interest might be drawn upon to create new segments or even the basis for a new event?

  • What types of guest events are a strategic fit to specific locations or venues, and what can be an appropriate sales approach to obtain those events?
  • How can an exhibition manager deal with the continous increase of complexity and “keep the ship on course?”

Our consultants have several years of experience in successful portfolio management and can offer tailor-made solutions:

  • With reliable methods of product management, which have been adapted for the exhibition industry, the experts at adventics analyse an existing event and derive questions, suggestions and recommendations to generate further positive development

  • For our customers we develop concepts for new events that combine innovative themes and matching formats

  • Based on a systematic analysis of the event market, we identify suitable guest events for a specific venue and establish the appropriate contacts

  • We offer coaching and training tailored to the needs of exhibition managers, during which those methods necessary for an active management of the exhibition product are taught and practiced

The services that we develop in this context include:

  • Comprehensive analyses of markets and competitive situations (using our internal data repository and methods of primary and secondary market research)

  • Development of business models

  • Identification of exhibitor and visitor potential

  • Definition / development of nomenclature and segmentation

  • Development of internationalization strategies

  • Development of scenario and portfolio models

  • SWOT analysis and derivation of measures

  • Recommendations for innovative service offerings

  • Training and coaching of exhibition managers

  • Workshops with internal and external initiators

  • Trendscouting and compilation of best practices (e.g. for services)